Why we like TV Murder Mysteries

Why do we like TV murder mysteries so much? In England we have banned fox hunting on the grounds that it is death-based entertainment (in relation to the fox – nobody minds about the occasional hunter parting company with his or her horse). Yet every day millions of TV viewers derive pleasure from seeing, sometimes […]

Maigret’s Dead Man

In real life, murder is a hum drum squalid crime of violence. As depicted in UK TV drama, it is sometimes of the Scandinavian noir variety – that is squalid but not hum drum  – or more usually it happens in a rustic middle class la-la land where the houses are straight out of Country […]

What are Political Parties for?

What are political parties for? You may have your own ideas about that. However, the official answer is that they came into existence alongside mass democracy, to identify and support candidates in elections, to mobilise voters to vote for them and to formulate policies around which candidates and voters can coalesce. If so, they are […]

How to go about Brexit

I have never met Mr Davis, the new Minister for Brexit, nor is it remotely likely that he or his Department should want, let alone ask, for my help. However, in these uncertain times, it is my patriotic duty to offer it anyway. DRAFT From: The Right Hon David Davis PC MP MBA MsC, Secretary […]