The War of Aggression against Ukraine

How should we feel about the invasion of Ukraine? Concerned, anxious and sad, certainly. Most of all, we should feel anger – intense, cold anger. This came home to me when I listened, quite by chance, to what turned out to be an English version of a famous Russian World War II poem, written by […]

Trouble in Westminster: stay calm!

Thomas Paine wrote that the English constitution was “imperfect, subject to convulsions, and incapable of producing what it seems to promise”. Two and a half centuries later it is reassuring that there are some things, besides death and taxes, that you can always depend upon: our constitution is on course to deliver a bumper crop […]

How to go about Brexit

I have never met Mr Davis, the new Minister for Brexit, nor is it remotely likely that he or his Department should want, let alone ask, for my help. However, in these uncertain times, it is my patriotic duty to offer it anyway. DRAFT From: The Right Hon David Davis PC MP MBA MsC, Secretary […]

European Parliament: Why it Must Change

Do you know who your MEP is? That is a trick question. You will have between three and ten MPs depending on where you live. MEPs are elected by party list on a proportional representation basis, for enormous constituencies – there are twelve, jumbo EU constituencies in the UK, as compared with 650 for our […]

European Referendum: a Simple Way Through

Letter published in the Shepton Mallet Journal on 25th May 2016 Dear Sir, A way through the referendum debate I suspect your readers are fed up with all the arguments about Europe (both in your Opinion column and elsewhere). Can I offer a simple, non-party-political, statistics-free way through? Everybody agrees that, in or out of […]